West Hoyle is a Cheshire Union affiliated Golf Club. Founded in 1939 .We used to play at Hoylake Municipal Golf Course every Sunday morning But Due to the council closing Hoylake Golf course.

Due to this. We have moved since April 2022 and now play out of ArrowePark

Mr captain and the committee Are glad to welcome existing  members and any new members wishing to join 

Competitions are now run every Sunday

with summer tees times between 0630-0700

We also have a rollup comp on Tuesdays at 0830

For anyone enquiring about membership please contact us via the link on the contact us page

Captain 2023

Mr Jim Robinson 

  Mr President and Captain hope all members will have a enjoyable year of Golf 

and welcome any golfers who would like to join West Hoyle Golf club which has a full calendar of competitions throughout the year so if interested pop down on a sunday morning 

Club News

Photos of Captains 2019 Formby away day winner and Capatin day presentation

 West Hoyle Officials 2022


John Kilbane


Jim Robinson

Vice Captain

Ian Johnston

Past Captain

Henry Beckett

Honorary Secretary

Henry Beckett

Assistant Secretary

John Brown

Honorary Competition Secretary

Paul Finley/Bill Hood

Honorary Treasurer

Ian Johnston

IT Officer & Support

Bill Hood

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